Tips for Creating an Effective Video Profile


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Preparing Your Script

Start by answering the following three questions to help you write your 1-2 minute script:

What are your unique skills? From sales to engineering, leadership to service, what makes you special?

What can you do for an employer? Can you “work” a trade show exhibit, run experiments in a lab–talk about skills that benefit an employer.

Why are you passionate about the employer’s organization or industry? Show your enthusiasm for the dream job you are hoping to land.

Rehearse your script on your phone or camera and play it back until you are happy with your results.

Recording Your Video

Choose a setting with good lighting and no distractions, where your voice will be perfectly audible.
-Dress appropriately—first impressions are lasting.
-Look directly at the camera.
-Start by stating your first and last name.
-SMILE, speak clearly, and don’t speak too fast.
-Thank the employer for viewing your CareerBIO video profile.
-Upload your CareerBIO and complete your profile of skills, achievements, and job preferences.

Invite Employers to View Your CareerBIO Video Profile
-Add your CareerBIO link to your paper resume and business cards.
-Send your customized CareerBIO to employers via email.
-Connecting your CareerBIO to your social media by joining the CareerBIO community on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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